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Saturday, 19 January 2008

7 things about me ....................

I have been tagged by the very talented Yvonne & now need to share with you 7 things about me that you may or may not already know. So here goes:

1. I am a chocoholic!! I love all chocolate, except dark choc. Unfortunately I have passed this awful disease on to my daughter, who from the age of about 16 mnths when asked "What are you?", would reply (& still does) "Chocoholic"!

2. I am the eldest of 4 girls. We are all very different & I am the 'straight' one - always trying to do the right thing & please everyone (which of course never happens). It can be quite boring at times, but I think the rest of the family love me anyway!

3. I live in the Cotton Capital of Australia - Wee Waa (25km out of town). It is a small country town with a population of 2000. I have lived in the area all my life & am currently living in the house I was born in!

4. My husband & I used to catch the same bus to school, though I don't remember him - I was in kindy, while he was in highschool!

5. We were married in 1999 at my parents farm. It was a beautiful wedding in my Mum's gardens, with a huge marquee. A true family affair, my Aunt Rhonda made a yummy cake, my Aunt Anna did all the gorgeous flowers, My Aunt Cecelia did my makeup (thanks Seal for nearly taking off my eyebrow!), My Aunt Carol & sister Tammy sang during the ceremony & for the bridal waltz, my cousin Margot took photos while another cousin Jeff did the music. I'm sure there were many other family members who helped out to make my day so lovely.

6. We have 2 beautiful children, Sam was born 10 weeks premature weighing 1.5kg, while Josie was 2 weeks overdue & weighed 4.4kg - almost 3 times as much as Sam did!

7. I am a terrible procastinator (or should that read, really good procrastinator) I have so many 1/2 finished projects lying around it isn't funny. I also hate cleaning & would do almost anything to get out of doing it - I just need to somehow make enough money to hire a housecleaner!

I am now supposed to tag 7 people, but instead will point you to the sites of 7 fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrators who have been tagged recently & if you are interested can read what they have written about themselves - Claire, Michelle, Kerri, Sharon, Joanna, Melissa & Yvonne.

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